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Channel 4 Omini Base Station Anti-Drone System

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Are you concerned about drone safety? Do you want to protect yourself and your property from the dangers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)? There are a variety of ways to do this. You can buy or lease an anti drone system, install a drone detection system, or use a drone shield.

01. Product description

XK-F05S is a high-powered omnidirectional fixed drone countermeasure device with external mains power for single-frequency control. The device uses narrow-band jamming technology and RF suppression technology to cut off the connection between the drone and, the remote control, thus forcing the drone to return to flight. When the remote controller control the drone. It will not be able to transmit video, aerial photos or receive any commands from the remote controller on the ground, thus protecting key areas and preventing privacy leaks.

It adopts cast aluminum chassis as the main machine shell, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and more conducive to heat dissipation. 

In order to achieve a better interference effect, this machine replaces the original omnidirectional fiberglass antenna with a multi-port plate-shaped directional antenna.  

The combination of five directional antennas makes the device capable of omnidirectional interference. The interference range can reach 1000-2000 meters and the frequency and power of UAV countermeasure equipment. Furthermore, we can adjust according to shielding needs and support the customization.

02. Technical Parameters



Airports, prisons, detention centres, drug rehabilitation centres, secrecy agencies, military forces, major events,

concerts, important conferences, government agencies, anti-terrorist areas and other important locations and facilities requiring air space.

events, concerts, important conferences, government agencies, anti-terrorism areas and other important locations and facilities that require air

Consequently, the area that we need to keep secret.

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