Cofdm Video Transmitter

Backpack Transmitter XK-J213T

XK-J213T Transmitter is a micro HD backpack video transmitter with two-way voice communication is a powerful and stable mobile video transmission system developed by Xingkai Tech. This system supports the functions of video transmission, two-way voice communication and data return. The signal adopts the third-party en/decryption, only the corresponding decrypted receiver can receive and demodulate the signal from the transmitter. Even if the receiving frequency of other receiver is the same as the transmitting frequency of the transmitter, it cannot demodulate the signal transmitted by this transmitter.

The transmitter supports multiple input modes, H.265 encoding and 1080P HD video quality.

The built-in voice Rx and Tx module is used in conjunction with the two-way voice receiver of the command center. The command center can easily contact the front end for intime direct and management. The voice encoding adopts automatic encryption, only the front-end transmitter can receive the center’s voice signal.


  • Non-line-of-sight transmission, long transmission distance, and strong anti – interference capability.
  • HD image transmission, the highest support 4K.
  • Low transmission delay.
  • AES encryption for transmission security and reliability.
  • Good RF index, high signal-to-noise ratio, and small stray.
  • Transmission frequency and bandwidth are adjustable.
  • Wide input voltage range, support DC8V~DC25V voltage input.
  • Small size.
  • Low power consumption.

Technical Parameters

Power supplyInput voltageDC8V~DC25V, standard input DC12V
 Overall power consumption≤1.5A@ DC14.4(2W)
Digital basebandModulationCOFDM
 Carrier mode2K
RFTx frequency300MHz~800MHz customizable, step1MHzRBW 40MHz @ 33dBm(2W)
 RF bandwidth2/3/4/6/7/8MHz
 Output power33dBm(2W)
 Adjustable attenuator0~31.5dB
A/VVideo sourceHDMI,SDI,CVBS
 Resolution1080p60,1080p50,1080p30,1080p25,1080p24, 1080i60,1080i50,720p60,720p50,720p30,720p25,576p50,480p60,576i50,480i60.
 Video bit rate0.5~18.8Mbps
 Audio bit rate32,48,56,64,80,96,112,128,160,192,224,256,320,384Kbps
 Video encodeH.265
 Audio encodeMPEG-1 Audio Layer 2
Serial portConfigure portStandard RS232 level, baud rate 9600
 Data portStandard RS232 level, baud rate 1200~115200
Transmission encryptionAES128、AES256
Transmission delay (end-to-end)About 260ms
Transmission distance2~5km @ 33dBm(2W)
Temperature rangeWorking temperature-30℃~60℃
 Storage temperature-40℃~75℃
Physical specificationTransmitter size240*125*46mm
 Transmitter weight≤1.5Kg(not including battery)
Voice receiverVoice receiver frequency840~845MHz
 Voice receiver sensitiveness≤-116dBm
 Speech coding rate9600bps
 Frequency stepping25KHz

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