UAV Radio Transceiver RF Video Telemetry Telecontrol Link NLOS OFDM Frequency Hopping Communication XK-301AE #2

What is a Video data link?

Video data links are used to connect Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), Unmanned Ships and other unmanned systems to other control stations such as ground control stations. Video data links transfer video and data.

Application of Radio

Radios are used to transfer data capture footage from surveillance or inspection operations, or they could be used to stream a live feed for situational awareness and subsequent decision-making. As there is no pilot in autonomous vehicles a live stream may be the sole means for the pilot to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Working of Wireless Transceiver

Transceiver is a phrase used in technology, particularly by businesses or other structures involved in communication settings. The Transceiver is the link that connects one place to another, to put it simply. These links’ primary function is the transmission and reception of digital data. These waves can be transmitted using a unique link protocol, which the recipient computer then interprets. The data link integrates the second layer of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI). This layer is engaged in data transfer and error correction in the physical layer, which is the bottom layer.

RF Mobile Wireless Video data links

RF Communication

China Manufacturer 17km Drone Radio Transceiver UGV USV Long Range RF Video Telemetry RC Link NLOS OFDM Hopping Frequency UAV Communication Supplier 15~17km N-LOS HD Digital Tactical Defined Radio Transceiver and For UAV/UGV/USV/Vehicle 1080P Long Range RF Mobile Wireless Video data links Communication with Low Latency Video+Telemetry+RC Link. Broadband wireless video and data transmission system Two-way communication: Video+data camera control/drone control/telemetry 3 in 1 Point to Point; Point to Multi-Points relay mode.

XK-F301AE  is a style of HD wireless digital video and data transmission device, with low power consumption, long communication distance and other characteristics, Supportthe transmission of the network data, flight control data, PTZ control data, remote control data…at the same time. The air unit can be configured as point-to-point and also point to multi-pointsrelay mode, Users only need to add air units to expand the application scenarios. At the same time, it has encryption function, and users can set the channel encryption key independently. ​

XK-F301AE supports transparent transmission protocol, which can transmit flight control data and other data information at the same time. The ground unit can interact data with ground station through serial port or network port (UDP / TCP). Support serial port and SBUs transparent transmission function.

  • 1. Support multiple frequency bands and multiple bandwidths.
  • ​2. Rich control interface.
  • ​3. High carrier-to-noise ratio.
  • ​4. Wide input voltage range, support DC8~30V voltage input
  • ​5. Low power consumption. ​
  • 6. Downlink maximum configuration rate 30Mbps, bandwidth 20MHz, uplink maximum configuration rate 26Mbps, bandwidth 20MHz. ​
  • 7. Support OTA upgrade, support local and remote upgrade. ​8. Support point-to-multipoint, applicable to a variety of scenarios.


  • 1. 800MHz/1.4GHz/2.4GHz working frequency band, user settable.
  • ​2. Adjustable bandwidth, including 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz. ​
  • 3. Adaptive adjustment of mapping methods, including QPSK, 16QAM, 64AQM. ​
  • 4. Support multiple serial ports, SBUS.
  • ​5. Supports up to 3-way network port devices to transmit at the same time.

Technical Parameters

ItemAir UnitGround Unit
Operation VoltageDC8V~DC30V, Standard input DC12VDC8V~DC30V, Standard input DC12V
Power Consumption≤7W @ 25dBm≤7W @ 25dBm
Data interfaceUART(TTL/RS232)/SBUSUART(TTL/RS232)/SBUS
Frequency800MHz/1.4GHz/2.4Ghz, adjustable800MHz/1.4GHz/2.4Ghz, adjustable
Channel rateUplink(Max): 30Mbps,Downlink(Max):26MbpsUplink(Max): 30Mbps,Downlink(Max):26Mbps
Tx Power≤25dBm(Adjustable)≤25dBm(Adjustable)
Working temperature-30℃~60℃-30℃~60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~75℃-40℃~75℃
Communication ProtocolIEEE802.3, Transparent serial dataIEEE802.3, Transparent serial data
CommunicationPoint to Point, Point to Multi-Points relay modePoint to Point, Point to Multi-Points relay mode

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