Automatic antenna tracking PTZ system

The Power of Automatic Antenna Tracking PTZ Systems: Seamless Video

Automatic antenna tracking PTZ system For Long range Fix-wing Model airplane Airborne Innovations tracking antennas XK-FT300 is designed for use with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on-board antenna systems. Its purpose and objective is to point the antenna precisely in the current direction of the aircraft thus, allowing the video receiver to pick up the strongest signal possible at a given distance and other factors.

In order to obtain better signal reception quality, it is advised to use high-gain receiving antennas. High-gain antennas are known for very narrow angles of effective reception. For its successful operation, XK-FT300 requires the flight data such as latitude and longitude of the tracked target (UAV) at every given moment, as well as its altitude.

You can achieve this by the following:

1. Transmitting information

Transmitting information about the tracked target over a wireless analog video link from the UAV

to the ground station. For that, the UAV must be equipped by our GPS tracking module.

2. The wireless HD video transmission

The wireless HD video transmission system has its own serial port communication, which can

install a GPS module on the aircraft and transmit tracking data to XK-FT300 through the serial port.

3. Mavlink Protocol

Through the digital radio station, you can use the mavlink protocol to transmit the GPS

information of UAV. If the user’s system already includes a digital radio and supports flight

control of mavlink protocol, the ground end only needs to share a TX line of digital radio to

XK-FT300 to realize tracking

XK-FT300 Specifications

Tracking Ability

MAX Pan-Speed


MAX Tilt-Speed


MAX Pan-Angle


MAX Tilt-Angle






MAX Tilt Torque

Operating Voltage

12~16V DC

Power Consumption

< 15W (Typical)

Protocol Interface


MAVLink V1.0/V2.0 supported

Other protocol customization

Automatic antenna tracking

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