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FPV RC Video Controller


XK-H10 series adopted six core  processor Rockchip RK3399, Android 8.1 system

1- Built-in ground station control software for remote control of drones, payloads, route planning, drone status and real-time image display

2-It uses high energy density lithium battery which can work for 6 hours at full power

3-  10.1-inch anti glare AG industrial touch screen and 1000CD/m2 sunlight visual screen

4- The image transmission frequency supports 800M, 1.4G, 2.4G, the farthest image transmission distance can reach 22KM, and it support 1080P video transmission, and the delay is as low as 200ms.


Front Side Parts


[1] Antenna: transmitting data(Radio/Video);

[2] Key S13

[3] Three gear switchS1、S2、S3 and knob T3

[4] Left flight rocker

[5] Power on button

[6]Tap key S7+、S7-、S9、S15

[7] Type C

[8] Front four for power indicator lamps

[9] Rear three for link signal strength indicator

[10] Tap key S8+、S8-、 S10、S16

[11] Thumb rocker

[12] Ring hook

[13] Right flight rocker

[14] Three gear switchS4、S5、S6 and knob T4

[15] Key S14

[16] Handle

[17] Screen

The four battery indicators represent approximately 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% of the remaining battery capacity. At the same time, the ground station software interface will display the exact percentage of power. When the power percentage is less than 10%, low voltage alarm will appear on the interface of the ground station software.

Lower Side Parts

[11] Fan outlet: heat outlet, do notblock;

[12] DC Charging Port: Charging through standard adapter;

Back Side Parts


[18] Earphone jack

[19]HDMI output

[20]SIM card slot

[21]TF card slot


Upper Side Parts


[23] 1/4 screw hole (for fixing to tripod)

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