Broadband Wireless System XK-F401E


XK-F401E supports a transparent transmission protocol, which can transmit flight control data and other data information at the same time.

The ground unit can interact with data with the ground station through the serial port or network port (UDP / TCP). Support serial port and SBUs transparent transmission function.

Two-way communication: Video+data camera control/drone control/telemetry 3 in 1. Point to Point; Point to Multi-Points relay mode; MIMO AdHoc networks.XK-F401E is a style of HD wireless digital video and data transmission device, with low power consumption, long communication distance, and other characteristics, Supports the transmission of network data, flight control data, PTZ control data, and remote control the same time.

The air unit can be configured as a point-to-point and also in point-to-multi-point relay mode, Users only need to add air units to expand the application scenarios. At the same time, it has an encryption function, and users can set the channel encryption key independently.

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  • Wide frequency range and wide bandwidth are supported.
  • Rich control interfaces.
  • High carrier noise ratio.
  • Wide input voltage range, supporting DC8 ~ 30V voltage input.
  • Low power consumption.
  • All central nodes and slave nodes communicate with a shared operating bandwidth in one direction (20MHz, not less than 100Mbps).
  • Support OTA upgrade, local and remote upgrade.
  • Adaptive frequency hopping, strong anti-interference ability.


  • The working frequency band is 600MHz /1.4GHz, and the frequency point can be set.
  • The bandwidth is adjustable, including 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, and 20MHz.
  • The mapping mode is adjustable, including QPSK, 16QAM, and 64aqm.
  • Support Ethernet, serial port, and SBUs.
  • Support AES128 and AES256 encryption.

Technical Parameters

Air UnitGround Unit
Operation VoltageDC8V~DC30V,Standard input DC12V
Power Consumption≤8W @25dBm
Data interfaceUART(TTL/RS232/RS485)/SBUS
Channel rateIEEE802.3, Transparent serial data
Tx Power≤25dBm
Working temperature-30℃~60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~75℃
CommunicationPoint to Point, Point to Multi-Points relay mode
Working modeNORMAL, CA, MIMO

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