MIMO Mesh XK-F359

The Airborne Mesh Radio XK-F359 is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with the new concept of “wireless grid network”.The system with powerful functions and excellent performance; All nodes can realize real-time interaction of multi-channel voice, data, image and other multimedia information by adopting distributed network architecture without central AD hoc network under the condition of non-line-of-sight and fast movement. Supports any network topology, such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain-like relay, mesh network and hybrid dynamic topology.

The broadband self-organizing network can be widely used in the military, public security, armed police, fire protection, civil air defense, electric power, petroleum, mining, transportation, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, water and air communications and other sectors, providing users with reliable, timely, Rich integrated services such as safe and efficient voice, data, video and visual command and dispatch can meet users’wireless broadband communication needs in normal or emergency situations to the greatest extent, and truly achieve “anytime, anywhere on demand”.


  • Robot/Unmanned Vehicle,Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Anti-Terrorism/Monitoring
  • Air-to-air&air-to-ground&ground-to-ground,public safety/special operations
  • Urban network,emergency support/normal patrol/traffic management
  • Inside and outside the building,firefighting/rescue and disaster relief/forest/civil air defense/earthquake
  • TV broadcast wireless audio/video/live broadcast
  • Marine communication/high speed transmission on the opposite side of the ship
  • Low deck wireless network/ship landing
  • Mine/tunnel/basement connection

Technical Parameters

WaveformMobile Network MIMO (MN-MIMO)
MIMO TechnologySpace-time coding、Space Diversity、TX /RX beamforming、Spatial multiplexing
Receive Sensitivity-103dBm@5MHz BW
Channel Bandwidth1.25/2.5/5/10MHz optional
Data Rate1-70Mbps(10MHz BW) Adaptive,QoS
Modulation ModeTD-COFDM,BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM/1024QAM Adaptive(Fixedsetting optional)
RF Output Power(Support TPC, transmisson power control)10Watts x2
Single HopCommunication Distance100-300 KM (visible), 1-30 KM (urban area)
ModeDistributed centerless Point-to-point/Point-to-multipoint/Multipoint-to-multipoint, Layer 2 or 3 of Dynamic routing、Multi-hop relay, Star/Line/Network/Hybrid
Single Hop DelayAverage 7mS (20MHz BW)
EncryptionDES, AES128/256, SNOW3G/ZUC optional, Chip/TF card encryption customized or external encryption machine
Anti-jamming ModeManual spectrum scanning channel selection, Full band enhanced intelligent frequency selectting(spectrum awareness)/Full band adaptive frequency hopping/ Roaming mode optional
Local/Remote ManagementOperating frequency, channel bandwidth, network ID, transmit power and other parameter settings, spectrum scanning, real-time display and statistical records of network topology, link field strength signal-to-noise ratio, upload and download traffic,node distance, GPS/Beidou electronic map, temperature/voltage/jamming Monitoring, software upgrade. Remote silence and wake-up optional
OthersThe startup time is less than 28 seconds, and the network access/update/switchover time is less than 1 second.There is no limit on the user capacity of a single system (256 nodes or more) and the number of hops in Mesh networks (Data 15+ hops, voice 10+ hops, video 8+ hops). The total bandwidth loss of multiple hops is less than 70%.Automatic carrier tracking, adapted to a Doppler frequency deviation of ± 6kHz frequency offset, supports mobile communication at speeds above 7200 kilometers per hour (6 Mach, 2000 meters per second).
Bands(70M-6GHz. 2T2R at single band, or 1T2R at dual band selectable/smart change*)
BANDFrequency range (MHz) BANDFrequency range (GHz)
UHF430-550/570-700/800-950,225-400/320-470* S Band1.6-1.8/1.8-2.0/2.0-2.2/2.2-2.5/2.5-2.7/2.7-2.9,1.6-2.3/1.9-2.7*
L Band1000-1200/1300-1500,1200-1700* C Band4.4-5.0/5.25-5.85,4.2-5.2/5.5-6.0*
Operation Temperature-40℃ ~+80℃
Protection LevelIP66, IP67/IP68 Customized

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