Vehicular Broadband Mimo Mesh Networking XK-F367

Enhance communication and data transfer capabilities in vehicles, enabling reliable and efficient connectivity in dynamic environments. Stay connected on the move with XK-F367’s advanced technology for a superior vehicular broadband experience.

In today’s digital age, connectivity has become an indispensable part of our lives, even while on the move. Vehicular broadband has emerged as a game-changer, enabling seamless communication, real-time data transfer, and enhanced user experiences. Among the cutting-edge solutions in this domain is the XK-F367, a state-of-the-art MIMO mesh networking system designed to revolutionize vehicular connectivity. In this article, we delve into the features and benefits of XK-F367, exploring how it empowers vehicles with reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity in dynamic environments.

Unleashing the Power of MIMO Mesh Networking:

XK-F367 harnesses the power of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) mesh networking technology, creating a robust network infrastructure within vehicles. MIMO leverages multiple antennas to transmit and receive data simultaneously, resulting in improved signal strength, increased throughput, and reduced latency. By employing MIMO mesh networking, XK-F367 ensures reliable and efficient data transfer within the vehicle and its surrounding environment, even in areas with the limited network coverage.

Seamless Connectivity on the Move:

Vehicles are constantly in motion, traversing through urban areas, highways, and remote locations. XK-F367 is designed to provide uninterrupted connectivity, regardless of the vehicle’s location or speed. It intelligently manages network handoffs, seamlessly switching between base stations and maintaining a consistent connection. This enables passengers to stay connected to the internet, stream media, and access cloud services without interruptions, enhancing their overall experience.

Enhanced Data Transfer and Communication Capabilities:

With XK-F367, vehicles become data hubs, capable of efficiently transferring and communicating vast amounts of information. This facilitates a wide range of applications, including real-time navigation updates, vehicle diagnostics, fleet management, and entertainment services. The high-speed broadband connectivity ensures swift and reliable transfer of data, enabling seamless integration with emerging technologies such as autonomous driving systems and connected car ecosystems.

Intelligent Network Management and Optimization:

XK-F367 incorporates intelligent network management algorithms that optimize connectivity and bandwidth allocation. It intelligently selects the best available network path, avoiding congestion and maximizing data transfer rates. This results in faster response times for critical applications and improved overall network performance.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity:

Security is of paramount importance in vehicular broadband networks. XK-F367 employs robust encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms to safeguard data transmission and protect against unauthorized access. With built-in security features, the system ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and the network remains secure.

Vehicular broadband has become a necessity for modern vehicles, offering seamless connectivity and a myriad of possibilities. The XK-F367 MIMO mesh networking solution redefines vehicular connectivity by providing reliable, high-speed broadband capabilities in dynamic environments. With its intelligent network management, enhanced data transfer, and robust security measures, XK-F367 empowers vehicles to stay connected, enhancing user experiences, and enabling the integration of emerging technologies. As we continue to embrace the digital era, XK-F367 is at the forefront of revolutionizing vehicular connectivity, setting new standards for the future of smart mobility.

Exploring the Vehicular Broadband MIMO Mesh Commander Radio XK-F367

The broadband mimo mesh networks XK-F367 is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with the new concept of “wireless grid network”.

The system with powerful functions and excellent performance; All nodes can realize real-time interaction of multi-channel voice, data, image, and other multimedia information by adopting distributed network architecture without a central AD hoc network under the condition of non-line-of-sight and fast movement. Supports any network topology, such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain-like relay, mesh network, and hybrid dynamic topology.

The network adopts the same frequency networking and multi-hop relay. Each node device can move quickly and randomly, and the network topology can be changed and updated quickly without affecting the network transmission.

The whole network is convenient to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and easy to maintain. It can provide users with reliable, timely, efficient, and secure full IP clear voice, broadband data, high-definition video and visual command and scheduling, and other multimedia integrated services under complex application scenarios such as fast movement and non-line-of-sight shielding.

The broadband self-organizing network can be widely used in the military, public security, armed police, fire protection, civil air defense, electric power, petroleum, mining, transportation, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, water and air communications and other sectors, providing users with reliable, timely, Rich integrated services such as safe and efficient voice, data, video, and visual command and dispatch can meet users’ wireless broadband communication needs in normal or emergency situations to the greatest extent, and truly achieve “anytime, anywhere on demand”.


  • Mesh network (self-forming, self-healing, self-adapting), high-speed throughput
  • Non-visual urban construction jungle multi-path transmission terrain, an effective connection
  • High-speed movement of ground, water, and air, an effective connection
  • Multiple antenna settings, omnidirectional, high gain orientation, or mixing
  • GPS and Multicast Support


  • Increased 4.5 times coverage in densely populated areas
  • The same communication range and transmission volume, reducing transmission power by 10 times
  • Increase the distance by 2 times in the visible limit environment
  • Increase 2-4 times transmission rate

Significant applications in Non Line of Sight /Multipath Fading environments, video/data/voice Critical Communications:

  • Robot / Unmanned Vehicle, Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Anti-Terrorism / Monitoring
  • Air-to-air & air-to-ground & ground-to-ground, public safety / special operations
  • Urban network, emergency support / normal patrol/traffic management
  • Inside and outside the building, fire fighting/rescue and disaster relief/forest / civil air defense/earthquake
  • TV broadcast wireless audio/video / live broadcast
  • Marine communication / high-speed transmission on the opposite side of the ship
  • Low deck wireless network/ship landing
  • Mine/tunnel / basement connection
Technical parameters
WaveformMobile Network MIMO
MIMO TechnologyTD-COFDM, BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM adaptive
Receive Sensitivity-103dBm@5MHz BW
Channel Bandwidth2.5/5/10/20MHz ,40MHz optional
Data Rate1-100Mbps(20MHz BW)/180Mbps(40MHz BW) Adaptive,QoS
Modulation ModePoint-to-point/Point-to-multi point/Multi point-to-multi point, Automatic relay,  ​Star/Line/Network/Hybrid
RF Output Power20watts×2  (Airborne/Backpack/Vehicle Rack-mounted/Outdoor)
Single Hop Communication Distance 100-300 KM (visible), 1-30 KM (urban area)
ModeThe startup time is less than 30 seconds, and the network access/update/switchover time is less than 1 second.There is no limit on the user capacity of a single system and the number of hops in Mesh networks. The total bandwidth loss of multiple hops is less than 30%. Automatic carrier tracking, support over 800 km/h mobile communication
Single Hop DelayAverage 10mS(20MHz BW)
EncryptionDES, AES128/256,Chip /TF card encryption customized
Anti-interference ModeManual spectrum scanning channel selection, Intelligent frequency channel Selection/Autonomous frequency hopping/Roaming mode optional
Local/Remote ManagementOperating frequency, channel bandwidth, network ID, transmit power and other parameter settings, spectrum scanning, real-time display and statistical records of network topology, link field strength signal-to-noise ratio, upload and download traffic, GPS/Beidou electronic map, temperature/voltage/interference Monitoring, software upgrade
OthersThe startup time is less than 30 seconds, and the network access/update/switchover time is less than 1 second. There is no limit on the user capacity of a single system and the number of hops in Mesh networks. The total bandwidth loss of multiple hops is less than 30%. Automatic carrier tracking, support over 800 km/h mobile communication
BANDFrequency range (MHz)
L Band1000-1500
S Band1800-2500
Lower C Band4400-5000
Upper C Band5100-6000
Operation Temperature-40ºC  ~+80ºC
Protection LevelIP66,IP67/IP68 Customized
Size/Weight12.7×11.0x3.3cm/0.635kg(20watts×2 Airborne Radio-Lron Gray) ​18.3×15.4×6.3cm/1.56kg(20watts×2 Vehicle Radio)
Installation/Color4 Mounting Holes/Black,Lron Gray,Army Green Optional
Supply Voltage18-24VDC(20Watts×2 Airborne/Vehicle Rack-mounted/Outdoor)
Power consumptionOperation 6-7A/Standby 0.5-0.7A@18V(20Watts×2 Airborne/Vehicular/Outdoor Radio)
Power SelectionPower Supply by Twist-Lock Battery or Main Cable
Basic interfaceRF 2xTNC,1-2xRJ45 Ethernet 10/100BaseT,WiFi AP, ​1xRS232-485-422-USB-Bluetooth/1.2-230.4Kbps,DC Input
Push to talk/Auxiliary interfaceMIC, SP, PTT, GND/1xRS485,1xUSB2.0 OTG
Network Extension ​OptionalPublic Network Routing/4G LTE, WB-NB integration, Fiber, Satellite
Video Extension ​OptionalLow Delay HDMI/SDI/CVBS, 4K/2K/1080P/720P/D1
Link Status IndicatorSteady red – The network is not connected ​Blinking red – Starting/not connected to the network ​Steady green – The network is connected ​Blinking green – Voice PTT is down
RSSI Link IndicatorSteady green – The link quality is excellent ​Blue Steady – The link quality is good ​Steady yellow – The link quality is medium ​Steady purple – The link quality is slightly worse ​Steady red – The link quality is poor or link is down
Management Interface/Control InterfaceWeb-based network management/GUI, API secondary development interface/SNMP

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