Xk Gs300

Drone Control System

Drone ground control station

XK-GS303 is a portable ground control station with a rugged ground computer, integrated industrial grade PC system, and data link remote control system.

XK-GS303 provides functions such as mission planning, attitude control, payload control, remote monitoring, real-time video display, etc.

The off-the-shelf portable ground control station (GCS) is a flexible and universal solution for controlling unmanned vehicles and payloads.

External Interfaces Adaptive Flight Display
High-definition (1080p) displays
Inspired Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS)
Supports high-definition video
Electronic Checklists
Navigation Charts
Payload Imagery Display
Tactical Situation Display
Integrated Comms System
Payload Operator Hand Controller
Upgraded Intercom/Radio System
Network TCP/IP Data and Video Dissemination
Flight Planning
Mission Planning & Management
Common Operating Picture
Data Dissemination & Analysis
Network Connectivity
Data Links

Technical Parameter

Box TypeMilitary three-proof safety box
Overall Dimensions556MM(L)*358MM(W)*230MM(H)
Shell materialPVC
IP ratingIP67
Working Temperature-20°C~ 60°C
ColourMatte black
Portable FeaturesBuilt-in pull rod, external lifting cover
Battery and endurance4 hours

Operation Panel

Panel material3K Carbon fiber plate
Interface supportUSB*2 、DC IN、HDMI、RJ45
Feeder and interfaceN、SMA
Human-computer interactionIndustrial mouse button suit
Switch parametersMain power supply, power on key, link power supply
OthersIndustrial cooling fan

Industrial Control Host

ProcessorI5 6500T
Operating systemWindows 10
Hard disk256G
I/O InterfaceUSB、Network port、Serial port、HDMI

Left and right dual display

Dimensions20 inches
Resolution ratio1920*1080
Screen scale16:9
Backlight typeLED
Maximum brightness1000nit(Automatic induction regulation)
Input interfaceHDMI

Remote lever and button functions

Joysticks*2 Industrial joysticks with Hall’s sensors
Communication protocolSUBS、USB HDI

Battery & Power

Display contentsCurrent-voltage, current, current residual capacity, power, etc
Management system protectionOvercurrent protection, overvoltage protection, low-voltage protection, overcapacity protection
Battery protectionOvercurrent protection, over temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and low voltage protection
Endurance4 hours
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