XK-GCS310 Portable RC Video UAV Control System

Dual Screen Portable Rc Video Uav Control System Hd High Brightness Fhd Displays Integrated Link Remote Control System Video Telemetry Rc Link3
Dual Screen Portable Rc Video Uav Control System Hd High Brightness Fhd Displays Integrated Link Remote Control System Video Telemetry Rc Link4
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Portable RC Video UAV Control System XK-GCS310

Video Telemetry RC Link

XK-GS310 portable camera control station , the appearance of the suitcase design, easy to carry, using a bright screen, visible in the sun, configured with the mainstream WINDOWS operating system, can be pre-installed with a variety of software. Built-in lithium battery pack, can be continuously powered to maintain equipment work for 3 hours, suitable for long time field mission.

The off-the-shelf portable ground control station (GCS) is a flexible and universal solution for controlling unmanned vehicles and payloads.

External Interfaces Adaptive Flight Display
High-definition (1080p) displays
Inspired Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS)
Supports high-definition video
Electronic Checklists
Navigation Charts
Payload Imagery Display
Tactical Situation Display
Integrated Comms System
Payload Operator Hand Controller
Upgraded Intercom/Radio System
Network TCP/IP Data and Video Dissemination
Flight Planning
Mission Planning & Management
Common Operating Picture
Data Dissemination & Analysis
Network Connectivity
Data Links

Technical Parameter

Box TypeMilitary three-proof safety box
Overall Dimensions556MM(L)*358MM(W)*230MM(H)
Shell materialPVC
IP ratingIP67
Working Temperature-20°C~ 60°C
ColourMatte black
Portable FeaturesBuilt-in pull rod, external lifting cover
Battery and endurance4 hours

Operation Panel

Panel material3K Carbon fiber plate
Interface supportUSB*2 、DC IN、HDMI、RJ45
Feeder and interfaceN、SMA
Human-computer interactionIndustrial mouse button suit
Switch parametersMain power supply, power on key, link power supply
OthersIndustrial cooling fan

Industrial Control Host

ProcessorI5 6500T
Operating systemWindows 10
Hard disk256G
I/O InterfaceUSB、Network port、Serial port、HDMI

Left and right dual display

Dimensions20 inches
Resolution ratio1920*1080
Screen scale16:9
Backlight typeLED
Maximum brightness1000nit(Automatic induction regulation)
Input interfaceHDMI

Remote lever and button functions

Joysticks*2 Industrial joysticks with Hall’s sensors
Communication protocolSUBS、USB HDI

Battery & Power

Display contentsCurrent-voltage, current, current residual capacity, power, etc
Management system protectionOvercurrent protection, overvoltage protection, low-voltage protection, overcapacity protection
Battery protectionOvercurrent protection, over temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and low voltage protection
Endurance3 hours
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