Caddx 1200TVL FPV Camera and FPV Monitor 4.3inch with DVR 5.8Ghz 40CH Receiver+Long Range 2W FPV Wireless VTX for RC FPV Drone

XK-150 FPV Camera and FPV Monitor+2W FPV Wireless VTX

Firstly, let’s focus on the core of this device – the FPV wide-angle camera. Equipped with a high-sensitivity vanadium oxide non cooled detector, it captures clear and delicate images for you. Its resolution is as high as 640 × 512, far exceeding that of similar products in the market. Unique analog signal output function, supporting automatic, manual correction, and background correction, ensuring ideal shooting results in various environments. The compact and exquisite design makes it easy to integrate into various flight equipment.

Next is the 2W wireless image transmission transmitter, which adopts a low-power ripple design with good heat dissipation. The characteristics of high power and low current enable it to maintain stable performance when transmitting high-definition images. Compatible with cameras and flight control devices, it can be perfectly matched with FPV monitoring displays, bringing you a seamless wireless transmission experience.

In addition, our monitoring display screen is a crucial element that cannot be ignored. The 4.3-inch LCD display has a built-in 5.8 GHz receiver, ensuring that you always receive the best video signal. Dual antenna design ensures unobstructed signal reception.

Technical Spec

Name:XK-100 FPV 1200TVL HD Camera
Size:22mm x 22mm
Horizontal Resolution:1200TVL
Video Output:1.0Vpp /75ohm
AGC:0.25 /0.50/0.75/1.004 level adjustable up to 55dB
Exposure Type:Electronic Exposure
Electronic Shutter:1/50(1/60)1/100000 sec.
Gamma Correction:0.45/1.0
Step Mode:Synchronized
Lens:2.5mm 130 degrees
Operating voltage:DC5 to 12V(Wide voltage, measuring 5 to 13V)
Operating current:70mA(power consumption)
Operating temperature:-20degree to 60degree
Humidity:0% to 98%
Model No.2W Mapping
Operating Frequency.5.8G
Working Channel40CH
Transmitting power200mW/500mW/1000mW/2000mW/Transmit Off (PitMode)
Operating VoltageDC 6-36v 
Operating Current(12V)250mA(200mW)/300mA(500mW)/430mA(1W)/530mA(2W)
AntennaRP-SMA male(outer thread inner pin)
Antenna weight31.3g(without antenna)
Hole Pitch30.5*30.5mm
Dimensions50*25*15.75mm(without fan)
Model Number/型号XK-F15
Designation/名称5.8G FPV Handheld Screen
Liquid Crystal Screen/液晶屏Size:4.3 inch
Display Ratio:16:9
Viewing angle: full screen
Video Latency/视频延迟<20ms
Connector/接口Antenna2*RP-SMA Male Holes
USBCharging Cable
AV接口External Video Input
slotSupport C10 high speed TF card
DVRVideo Size:VGA/D1/HD(Three modes available)
Video sound: On/Off (optional)
Recording time:Off/3min/5min/10min(optional)
Frame rate:30 fps
Compression format: MJPEG
Video file format: AVI
Multilingualism/语言English and Chinese
Power Supply/电源Power adapter:DC5V/2A, support DV5-23V wide voltage
Battery:3.7V/1200mAh.DVR on, full battery lasts about 2.5 hours DVR off, full battery lasts about 3.5 hours
Power Consumption.Normal mode: device in 3.7V working current 400mA Video mode: device in 3.7V working current 620mA built-in battery maximum charging current 500mA
Cordless/无线Channel Forms/频道表格
Band A58655845582558055785576557455725
Band B57335752577157905809582858475866
Band E57055685566556455885590559255945
Band F57405760578058005820584058605880
Band R 56585695573257695806584359175917
Weight:159g (excluding antenna)

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