XK-C130 Thermal Imager Camera Module

XK-C130 Thermal Imager Camera Module

New Thermal Imager 256X192 OEM Mini Series CVBS Analog Interface Camera Module

The XK-C130 is a miniature FPV thermal camera that combines HD and drone camcorder features and is designed for RC FPV cars, aircraft, racing cars and drones.

The XK-C130 camera is small and easy to install, and the lens housing design makes it easier to install on your aircraft. Not only does it have all the features of a tiny drone camera, it also has thermal imaging to provide clear images in low-light or total darkness. The camera also comes with a lens cover that effectively protects the lens from dust and dirt.

This camera has a very high resolution, whether it is 256×192 resolution, it provides extremely high image quality. The open-stop shutter and adjustable focus feature allow you to adjust the effect as needed to meet a variety of shooting needs. Most importantly, the output resolution is very high, the picture quality is clear, can capture every moment.


  • Detector type:Vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector
  • Resolution:256×192
  • Frame rate:Frame rate
  • HDR:120DB
  • type of output:CVBS
  • power:600mw

Technical Spec

Specification parameters 
   Movement  parametersDetector typeVanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector
 Pixel Pitch12um
 Spectral Band8-14um
 Frame rate50Hz
 shutterAutomatic shutter correction
 LensParametersfocusingAdjustable focus
 Lens millimeters4mm10mm
 FOV(H*V)40.1 ° ×30.3 °17.6 ° ×13.2 °
Detection distancepeople440m1000m
Recognition distancepeople110m250m
     functionPseudo colorWhite heat
 type of outputCVBS
 Power supply voltage4.5-18V
 working temperature-40℃~+80℃
 Storage temperature-50℃~+85℃

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