XK-A110 FPV thermal imaging camera

XK-A110 FPV thermal imaging camera

Drone Mini Camera Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector Night Video Automatic Shutter Correction

XK-A110 This miniature thermal camera combines cutting-edge technology with excellent design and is a highly innovative product. The core part uses vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector, which has excellent thermal imaging performance, and can capture the temperature change of the object in real time, providing you with clear and accurate images in the dark.

It is not only a night high-definition video drone camera, but also an adjustable focal length, automatic shutter correction camera equipment. This allows it to adapt to a variety of environments and shooting needs, whether flying a drone in the air or an FPV vehicle on the ground, with ease.

The small size (28*28MM) makes installation a breeze, whether mounted on the drone or handheld use, without worrying about taking up too much space. The resolution can reach384×288, ensuring the clarity of the shooting picture, so that each frame can present the ultimate detail.


  • High-sensitivity vanadium oxide uncooled detector, supporting 384×288 resolution
  • Support for analog signal output
  • Supports automatic, manual correction, and background correction
  • Small model design, easy to integrate
  • Detector type:Vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector
  • Pixel Pitch:12um

Technical Spec

Specification parameters 
  Movement  parametersDetector typeVanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detectorVanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector
 Pixel Pitch12um
 Spectral Band8-14μm
 Frame rate50Hz
 shutterAutomatic shutter correction
 LensParametersfocusingAdjustable focus
 Lens millimeters6.8mm9.1mm6.8mm9mm
 FOV(H*V)37.3 ° ×27.9 °29.3 ° ×22 °62.9 ° ×49.9 °48.9 ° ×39.1 °
Detection distancepeople460m1100m500mm1200mm
Recognition distancepeople140m300m160mm350mm
    functionPseudo colorWhite heat/Black heat/Sky/Red heat/Iron red
 type of outputCVBS
 Power supply4.5-18V
 working temperature-40℃~+80℃
 Storage temperature-50℃~+85℃

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