30x gimbal / Thermal Imaging System

Xk-F513rs integrates a 30x optical zoom camera, a 384*288 / 640×480 thermal imaging sensor, and a high-precision 3-axis stabilizing ball-type gimbal. It adopts a high-precision FOC encoder and it is characterized by high stability, small size, lightweight, and low power consumption.

The camera supports visual and infrared imagining. Its low light level sensor has 4M effective pixels and the thermal imaging sensor adopts a 384*288 / 640×480 resolution non-guard sheet imaging detector imported from America.

It provides real-time picture-in-picture(PIP) displaying function in HDMI videos and allows storing their data in a local TF card.


  • 30x optical zoom +thermal
  • Thermal pseudo color switch
  • PIP mode HDMI output
  • Realtime switch
  • 3 axis FOC Gimbal
  • UART, PWM, or SBUS control
  • OSD menu setting
  • Single TF, two video record

Technical Spec

Power Supply3S /6S
Power ConsumptionDynamic condition 7.5W
Jitter Angle – Pitch and Roll±0.02°
Jitter Angle – Horizontal Direction±0.03°
Work Pitch Range-90°to +90°;
Work Roll Range-85°to +85°
Work Yaw Range-150°to +150°
One-Click RestoreOne-click restore to the initial position
Adjustable Gimbal SpeedLow speed at big zoom status and fast speed control at small zoom status. Adaptive speed control based on zooming of daylight sensor.
Control ModePWM, SBUS control, and UART serial port command.
Sensor1/3 4M Pixels CMOS sensor
Zoom30x HD optical zoom lens, f = 4.5±10%~135±10%mm
AF TimeSupport quick autofocus, timelapse < 1 sec
Video OutputOutput HDMI HD video at 1080P and record video data on the local TF card
Control ModeSupport PWM control, serial port control, and OSD menu setting
Support Mode1080P 30fps
Field Angle(FOV) DWIDE 67.8º±5% TELE 2.77º±5%
Field Angle(FOV) HWIDE 59.8º±5% TELE 2.34º±5%
Field Angle(FOV) VWIDE 40.5º±5% TELE 1.48º±5%
Resolution384*288 / 640*480
Pix Spacing17μm
TypeUncooled Micro Bolometer IR FPA Fabrication
(NETD) Thermal Sensitivity≤65mk@30℃
Brightness ContrasAdjustable
Field Angle19mm Lens; Angle: 32.0×24.2
Measurement(Optional)Center point, highest temperature, lowest temperature, temperature display, over-temperature alert
Device SizeL158*W 125*H 185mm
Work Condition-10℃ to +45℃ / 20% to 80% RH
Storage Condition-20℃ to +60℃ / 20% to 95% RH
FunctionAerial photograph

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